Know what your soldier wants

Soldiers need is very limited. These men and women posted on remote locations have no weekly off and they don’t even have fixed office timings like all of us do. Our soldiers put in their life to serve the nation and its citizens. We are able to sleep peacefully because the soldiers are doing their duty without any expectations. The army personnel’s have to stay away from their families. They hardly get to communicate to them because there would not be regular phone/ mobile services. Soldiers have to deal with erratic climatic conditions and unwanted rodents and animals when they are on the field. The saddest part of a soldier’s life is his/her restrictions to meet family. A soldier unlike us cannot pick up the phone and call family. They cannot just go and meet them when they want a tight hug. They cannot go to the store and pick some cigars or candies when they want it. You definitely cannot reciprocate the time that soldiers have lost in life staying away from family, but you can help them by supplying them some necessary items. You can donate anything that you wish to. But, here is a list of things that soldiers require the most:


Do you know that soldiers like you love those sweet sugar candies? Yes, soldiers are very much in love with candies and this is one thing among others that soldiers would want. You can send them heat resistant candies which they can carry when they are on the field. Normal candies melt making their pockets sticky. Donors along with heat resistant candies can also donate following things:

Fruit Breezes 


Tooth care essentials:

As mentioned, our soldiers do not get time to visit stores and pick things up. They do want tooth care essentials which donors like you every month supply them with. Here is a list of essential tooth care products that are counted among the soldier’s necessities:






Soldiers do not have Baristas and Starbucks around their field. They also feel the need for a hot cup of regular coffee. Donors are free to supply the soldiers with some easy to make beverages that they can make for themselves instantly. Check the list of beverages below which you can donate and support soldiers:

Coffee (instant)

Coffee (creamer)


Powdered drink mixes

Tea Mixes

Kool Aid Bursts etc. 

You can also donate your favourite drink and the soldiers on the field will be happy to receive your donations. 


We all get bored of the normal food. Can you eat a single variety of pizza for months? Well, nobody can do so. But, our soldiers are exceptions. They eat what they prepare. There are no spices no sauces and no flavours with which they can bring taste to their food. Soldiers very much like us have taste buds that long to have tasty food. As a donor, you can think of sending the soldiers a package that includes some essential food requirements. If you are confused about what food products to send, do not worry. Here is a list of food items which you can donate to the soldiers:

·         FOOD (including dry goods, snacks)

·         Sugar packets 

·         Bars (Clif or Balance) 

·         Beef Jerky 

·         Canned Fruit (pop top cans) 

·         Cereal (in small boxes) 

·         Girl Scout Cookies 

·         Granola Bars 

·         Gum 

·         Oatmeal (instant) 

·         Pop-Tarts 

·         Ramen Noodles-any flavor 

·         Ravioli (pop top cans) 

·         Tuna Kits 

Care for their body:

The erratic climate conditions leave our soldiers with dried skin and chapped lips. The cracks on the feet’s are a common sight among soldiers, but these problems do not stop them from fighting for the safety of the citizens and the country. It is the responsibility of we, the citizens of the country, to donate things which can help soldiers to care for their body and maintain a hygiene. Here is a list of hygiene essentials that are not within easy reach of our soldiers:

·         Baby Wipes 

·         Nose spray 

·         Eye Drops 

·         Deodorant 

·         Feminine Hygiene 

Products (for female soldiers) 

·         Foot Powder 

·         Hairbrushes 

·         Hand Lotion 

·         Hand Sanitizers 

·         Nail Clippers 

·         Q-Tips 

·         Razors (disposable) 

·         Shampoo 

·         Sunscreen 

·         Tissues (heavy duty - i.e. Puffs) 

·         Travel size body wash 

·         Tylenol (individual packets) 

For their entertainment:

Soldiers are hardly left with any time for entertainment, but there are times when they feel low and the need for their entertainment doubles. Donors who feel that soldiers like us need entertainment can send them basic entertainment requirements like puzzles, soduku, music tapes, CD’s, board games like chess and checkers, books, newspapers and magazines.

Products that are outside the above categories:

There are some other requirements that the soldiers need and cannot be placed in the above categories. Here is a list of those items that can be sent by donors:

·         Writing Paper and Envelopes 

·         Pens/Pencils 

·         Plastic spoons 

·         American Flags (small) 

·         Baggies (with zip lock) 

·         Batteries 

·         Bug Spray (must be 

·         packaged in zip-lock bag) 

·         Duct Tape 

·         Disposable Cameras 

·         Flashlights (mini/mag lite, extra bulbs, lots of batteries) 

·         Fans (battery powered - small - with extra batteries) 

·         Fly Strips 

·         Fly Swatters 

·         Pre-Paid Phone Cards 

·         Shoe Insole Cushions 

·         Socks (cushioned white calf high) etc.

Merry Christmas:

Thousands of soldiers are working on field away from the families on Christmas. Christmas is the time when the whole whole is soaked in celebrations and it is sheer injustice that the soldiers have to stay away from their families and good food that is prepared and shared on Christmas. Donors can make the festival a special one for the soldiers by providing them some Christmas special items like:

·         Canned turkey and 

·         Thanksgiving food items 

·         Small unbreakable 

·         holiday decorations 

·         Christmas stockings etc.

Soldiers ate happy when they receive packages from you. It motivates them in making themselves strong and fighting at the borders with enemies. Do keep sending gifts and donations for our soldiers who put in their day and night to serve our nation and you.